As many know the truth, however, there is still too much of this toxic chicken broth, and the sheer way to actually use it is not always the law that is really familiar. Spring and summer, to dress themselves, the season of the flesh gradually arrived to tackle it as a problem of the same kind of elements.

01 Arm's thick, the power to surge like a giraffe's arm (but not), many girls ' problems can be used to display a visual slim, in contrast. The horn sleeve and the lotus leaf sleeve are sleeves type with a high tolerance of arms, so the thick arm is not to worry.

02 is both open-style, but the lotus leaf sleeves and horn sleeves still have a subtle difference. The majority of Lotus leaf sleeves make the form of lotus leaves that will be a micro-collection of normal sleeves, and trumpet sleeves, as the name implies, like the first beautiful flower directly from the shoulder to transition.

03 Therefore, adjust according to your situation and select, the connection of the shoulder sleeve in the arm indicates the maximum width close to the body, so the comfort of the activity is to use the sleeves to show the thinner. The lotus leaf sleeves are more elegant and the trumpet sleeves are young and enthusiastic.

04 just in time to catch up on the usual road sleeves, everything can really be done on the sleeves of strange thinking hooking people's eyes, but not necessarily all practical in everyday life. However, the shape of the lotus leaves and horn is not impolite, whether it be to attend a banquet of more formal occasions, even for commuting or leisure.

In addition to the 05 tops and dresses, lotus leaves are part of a combination of half-skirts and addictive. Dynamic like Gobogobostrim, with a walk between sudden slides, static as if the wind brushed the leaves of the trembling lotus, can not help to focus on it.

06 When wide-legged trousers and straight jeans consistently replaced the dominant leg trousers and tight leg trousers, it is inevitable that the voting will be made and the type of long legs will be fought. Micro-la pants no need to calf, muscle type girls can also find the beauty of pants.

07 Wide-legged and straight tube or large hot-sideline trousers, the line of trousers is decorated with leaks like very smooth, actually solved a lot of trouble for the sister of the rough leg. However, micro-la folds the slender legs of the waist, a long, brilliant recruit in general, as in the subtle words of a small, but not often, dress.

Since the contrast between the thighs and the calf is weakened by 8, 9 points of the ankle, if the combination of micro La + high heels does not affect the height, set off the leg in the light of the shoe. Adjust the proportions of the same time, taking into account the small attractive invitations.Read more at:blue bridesmaid dresses | purple bridesmaid dresses

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The woman is always too thin and her face is not small enough. So there are many people on their bodies at the cost of a dynamic needle knife. But expensive surgeries and pain have deterred more people. In fact, wearing a proper skirt will quickly shrink your body and face at the same time so you can achieve a thin lap of effect.

01 Dark Word skirts can hide the waist, not slim enough to focus on the fullness of the chest. The pattern of the national style looks different and individualistic.

02 Fluffy hair can make the face look more petite, such a shape belongs to a hundred, suitable for all shapes of women.

03 Loose t-shirts with short skirts allow you to see a few years younger. In dark pantyhose, the leg line is to let the slender magic weapon. Thin women are to let thin, fat women wear sheer magic.

04 Black is perceived to make people look thinner, but a single black may appear old-fashioned, so underneath the white chiffon skirt is the right choice to become a fashion man.

05 also want to wear a different feeling black, such as the Navy tie design of dress, choose the details of the winning clothes, more lovely and moving looks, naked design compared to the chest, such clothes can make the face look petite.

$ number V-the word collar design coupled with a long necklace, the face line can be lengthened, let the small wrap in the face instantly, the design can also hide the thigh skirt, but the black pantyhose gives the illusion of a very skinny leg.

The 07 concise atmosphere of the dress style should be a little overweight people choose and avoid dress up too complicated. The width of the belt, the lower body of the design, is under the savior of fat bodies, but can make the hips look finer.Read more at:silver bridesmaid dresses |

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Remember that there are many choices in life other than dress. It is not difficult, because who can not stop you from changing the style of the ability and determination to change the choice. The combined shorts show each skill, today to the taste of the Siamese trousers style.

01 Trousers are gracefully walked, compared to the elegant length skirts, the security of the Siamese trousers is more secure, the temperament is also better than. A black and white match popular with the Four seasons. The implication of ink printing is that black is no longer deep, so the design of a two-piece pair of the style of the Siamese pants, it shows a great detail.

02 Chiffon is classy enough, so I dare to challenge the black in the summer, calm and carefree spirit of utmost. Way cool enough, so deliberately. V-collar sleeveless design, flat chested girl casual way, plus bandage sandals are perfect for a beautiful pair of summers.

The combination of 03 Siamese trousers and strap skirts gives you a different set of two-piece designs. Straight jeans are unscrupulous, and always a silly mess that skirts up to expand the power of the pendulum of trousers. Big V color white t-shirt, canvas shoes is the most comfortable place where you can control life.

04 Love or not, try to race in the summer, you'll find it's not really the same as your impression. The seven-point trousers are more of a burden than trousers, and the most important thing is that height is less demanding than trousers.

05 print stripes, do not want to thin ah. Nothing is pleasing to the eye than the freshness of summer colors. The dark blue and light blue interlaced, wide stripes also create a slim vision, white print, to break the monotony of stripes, so Siamese pants added a bit of sexy knowledge.

06 Wide-legged trousers and dresses are ridiculous for the best evidence. The same elegant and carefree bohemian style can accompany this wide-legged trousers when you go to the seaside. High waist design can show the charm of a long leg, a wonderful life and to wear at any time.

The effect can be changed from 07 broad leg pants to lantern pants for only one second. Look at the more peaceful nature, which has a temperament, also suitable for pure color, more commuting, without printing gorgeous publicity. No sleeve design, the elegance of dark blue is excited, one second in summer.

08 Of course, I want to show the elegance of the workplace, or the best for foot pants, simply refreshing. Do not be afraid of foot pants wrapped in the legs will make people uncomfortable, copper ammonia wire, silky smooth, the price is more reasonable, so the Siamese foot pants would be a choice for women at work.Read more at:gold bridesmaid dresses |

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Cosmetic cotton is no stranger to women who often wear makeup. It is often used to wipe make-up water and use it for make-up remover. But do you know what kind of makeup cotton you use every day?

Not alarmist, if you use the wrong makeup cotton, it is possible to affect the skin on the absorption of make-up water, and even make the skin susceptible to allergies, grow fine lines.

Three big reasons to use makeup cotton

Reason one: easy to control the amount of make-up water

Beauty experts tell us that when the make-up water touches the palm of the hand, the hands of the skin will first absorb the nutrients in the make-up water, so the use of cotton can better control make-up water, so that it better in the face to play the effect.

Reason two: Wiping action can take away the old waste cells, there is a slight exfoliating effect.

In the use of toner, especially in the summer when the use of clean, shrinking pores of the toner, makeup cotton wiping effect can be full play.

Reason three: can rub very evenly, because the skin table has the skin ditch Pichu, the makeup cotton can fill bump.

How to select suitable cosmetic cotton:

At present, the market on the sale of cosmetic cotton material can be divided into two kinds: cotton and non-woven.


The make-up cotton thicker, soft touch, used to daub make-up water needs more, sometimes the phenomenon of stripping, suction hydraulic weaker.

Non-woven Fabric:

This kind of cosmetic cotton is relatively thin, the feeling is thicker, but because bibulous is strong, therefore the dosage of make-up water compares province.

1 feel

The material that does not irritate skin is good material. Because the makeup cotton will directly contact the skin, so in the material selection to natural cotton or silk best, the most soft and comfortable touch, man-made fiber to avoid use.

2 Taste

Because it is directly contact with the face skin, so to avoid any chemical additives, such as bleach, because of the water, cosmetic cotton in the chemical residue of fear of dissolution.

3 Visual inspection

Too thin makeup cotton, wipe when the make-up water is not enough to absorb the amount of skin touch is very uncomfortable, excessive friction on the skin caused by irritation, makeup cotton thickness is not enough, you can combine two pieces. It looks like a thin makeup cotton, wiping it may rupture, wiping the face cotton, will be quite embarrassing. Selection, the use of hand gently pull test, easy to break the makeup cotton indicates that the density is not enough.

How to use cosmetic cotton:

Apply make-up water: With makeup cotton dip in the appropriate amount of make-up water, from the inside and gently rub the whole face, can be a little stay in the dry place, so that it fully absorb, most of the make-up water is composed of moisture and moisturizing agent, not only for the skin to supplement the cuticle moisture and natural moisturizing factor, and for subsequent emulsion, cream with the absorption effect, so can wipe the eyes weeks and lips week, but, there are exfoliating function, containing alcohol make-up water, because more stimulation to avoid.

Recommended use: Non-woven fabric material of cotton.

Suggested reason: Sufficient water content, can reduce skin rub.

Make-up Remover: 3 pieces of makeup cotton stacked together, pour remover lotion, this is to remove the whole face makeup, do not need to change the cotton film repeatedly. Moreover, with a certain thickness of the make-up remover cotton, makeup remover when the strength is strong, easy to remove the makeup, more saving make-up milk.

Suggested use: Absorbent cotton material

Suggested reasons: Soft touch, repeatedly wipe make-up will not stimulate the skin, causing discomfort.

Unloading nail Oil: If the use of new make-up cotton nail polish, often because too hard and will make up cotton to break, not only waste, makeup remover effect is not ideal.

Suggest that you will use dry makeup cotton to complete the work of unloading nail polish, the effect is quite good!

Recommended use: any material.Read more at:pink bridesmaid dresses | purple bridesmaid dresses

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When I get dressed in the morning, I reach behind my back to clasp my bra. I zip and button my pants. Slip on my shirt. I bend over to pull on my socks. And I lace up my shoes. It’s a routine I do without thinking. However, for someone with a disability, putting on clothes can be a frustrating task that requires assistance.

Getting dressed might not register as the biggest challenge for individuals with disabilities, but Mindy Scheier knows the way that struggling every day with clothing can affect a person's life and self-confidence. Her son, Oliver, was born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy that affects his motor skills. "Buttoning his shirt, zipping his pants, putting jeans over his leg braces was a huge challenge for him,” Scheier tells SELF. “He wore sweatpants to school every day. One day, he came home from school and asked if he could wear jeans like his friends.”

Scheier, a fashion designer, modified a pair of jeans for Oliver. She replaced the zipper with Velcro, put in a rubber band to loop around the button, and cut up the side seams to fit over his leg braces. The next day, her son was able to dress himself. "He was able to manipulate them himself, go to the bathroom on his own, and walk into school with his head held high," she says. "He felt really good about himself."

Seeing the impact it had on Oliver's self-esteem, Scheier started to research adaptive clothing, clothing made specifically for those with disabilities or senior citizens, who have trouble navigating buttons, zippers, and closures. “I was truly horrified by what I saw,” she says. “It wasn’t fashionable. It was very medicinal and purposeful. I decided to take my background and try to make a difference in the fashion industry.”

In 2014, Scheier founded Runway of Dreams Foundation, an organization devoted to opening up the world of fashion to those with disabilities. The non-profit donates adaptive clothing to hospitals and schools. It also provides scholarships to fashion students who are dedicating their studies to adaptive clothing, and to design students with disabilities. Scheier's goal is to increase the availability and style of clothing for children and adults with disabilities.

“Even at the age of 8, my son wanted to be able to dress himself. He wanted to not have his mom meet him outside the bathroom to close his pants for him. It was embarrassing,” says Scheier. “Let’s think about a 28-year-old, a 58–year-old, that would have to have that type of help for basic needs.”

Adaptive clothing can also help caregivers dress their families and clients more easily.

Scheier, through the for-profit side of Runway of Dreams, is now working with Tommy Hilfiger to make fashion-forward adaptive clothing a reality. The pieces have magnetic closures and Velcro instead of hard-to-close buttons and zippers, openings at the ankles to help fabric like denim fit over prostheses or leg braces, and alternative ways to get in and out of the garments, like shirts with slits up the side.

“Our goal is to partner with as many brands as we possibly can because we really want to make a change in the industry,” says Scheier. “The world of disabilities knows no age and no socio-economic background. It can affect anybody at any time of their life, and we want to make sure that we are able to really clothe everybody and have brands partner with us in every budget and size.”

Some brands are taking up the cause on their own. In 2015, Nike released a line of shoes, called the FlyEase, that have wide openings to accommodate braces and orthotics, and easy-to-grasp straps, zippers, and Velcro instead of laces for closure.

It's not just the practical side of fashion that interests Scheier, but also the emotional and psychological value of what we wear. “Clothing can define who you are as a person whether you want to dress like everybody else to fit in or if you want to be completely the opposite. It’s a direct correlation to self-confidence and to defining who you are as a person,” she tells SELF.

“This enormous demographic has never been considered by the fashion industry, and that can negatively affect your self-confidence,” she continues. “To open up a magazine and never see somebody even close to looking like you, or to walk in or roll in or crutch into a store and not have anything available for you.”

We often talk about the need for diversity on the runway when it comes to race and body size, but only rarely does that include people of different abilities. As part of the Runway of Dreams Foundation, Scheier is working to create more opportunities for models with prosthetics or wheelchairs or crutches to come down the catwalk.

“I think the fashion industry is missing out on real people,” says Rebekah Marine, a professional model who was born without a right forearm. An ambassador for Runway of Dreams, Marine has a robotic prosthesis; she calls herself the Bionic Model. “I think that the more we start embracing uniqueness and people of different colors and disabilities, the more we can open up a conversation about embracing differences.”

Marine says she can already see the positive effects of increased visibility of differently abled bodies.

“I feel like I’ve dealt with a lot less staring from people, especially kids, because they’ve seen people like me on billboards and TV,” says Marine. “Now they’re being exposed to people that are different from them, and it’s all about educating people. A lot of people associate the word 'disability' with something negative. I treat it as something that is a blessing because I have this ability to teach people about kindness and love and just embracing difference.”Read more at: | multiway bridesmaid dress

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Summer is already around the corner, hot weather, so that everyone quickly changed into a cool dress. The neck, arms, thighs are all out of the air, but for our body, there are always so many places that we are not satisfied. The arm is the part of summer, if you don't like your arm, how to have a beautiful summer? Let's teach you.

Don't let the shirt get too tight.

The blouse is too tight not only uncomfortable, also can make oneself le like the sausage is not good-looking. Wearing the appropriate loose clothing, with the sleeveless can maintain a more balanced ratio, looks more chic.

The sleeve hole is smaller.

Sleeveless blouse to ensure that its sleeve hole not too big, the sleeve hole too big will not cool a lot, but will reveal underwear or appear some exposure.

Follow the trend of the word collar

The advantages of a word collar are many, cover part of the arm, let you get rid of the trouble of the arm is not good-looking, exposing the slender clavicle, not only cool and look particularly sexy. This is certainly why the word collar is so popular.

Sleeveless V-Shirt collar

Wearing a neckline will focus your attention on your chest, which reduces your attention to your arm.

Wear a compelling bracelet.

Also to divert attention, if you wear a nice bracelet, then everyone else's attention will fall on the bracelet.

Hollow Sleeve

The hollow sleeve is also very ventilated to let you feel the refreshing wind, but the most important thing is that it hides the arm you don't like.

The sleeves of the wide mouth

Or simply choose a broad mouth sleeve, but after all, it is summer, such as flax material such as ventilation is more suitable for summer.

A simple sense of hierarchy

This new way is the most perfect, a little bit of simple level can make the thicker arm looks fine a lot, isn't it magical?Read more at:brown bridesmaid dresses | royal blue bridesmaid dresses

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The reason why women like summer, is mainly because summer belongs to the season of dresses, no matter what style, can let mm fondle admiringly. The most popular dress is the silk dress and chiffon dress. But a lot of beauty but because of lack of some necessary maintenance care common sense, and let hundreds of thousand yuan of silk or chiffon dress lost its original demeanor, really some pity oh. The following little series on the collation of some of this basic knowledge, I hope you can seriously look at the MM.

First said chiffon dress, chiffon fabric clothing can be said to be the most of these years by mm favorite women's clothing, but dressed in the dress is still to good care and maintenance oh.

1, do not recommend the chiffon dress for a long time suspension, because the chiffon fabric is generally more soft and relaxed, unless the dress inside added stereotypes, or long suspension will cause the chiffon dress droop deformation, lose the original shape. If you don't wear it for a long time, you should put it in the closet.

2, chiffon dress in washing do not soak time too long, also not easy to vigorously rub, wash after cleaning do not force wring dry.

3, some mm more like spraying perfume, but when spraying perfume to pay attention to long distance spraying, it is best not to stick to the dress above, so as not to leave the macula.

4, has the sleeve chiffon dress if hangs up with the clothes hanger, best chooses the cloth to make the hanger, or the hanger two ends with the small towel to wrap, so will not cause the sleeve to deform.

The nursing of the silk dress and the general silk clothes care roughly similar, the silk fabric breathable, cool and supple, by the vast number of beautiful women like, but silk clothing especially high-grade silk, care more need to pay attention to some details.

1, when washing silk dresses, it is best to use special washing, wool fabric washing liquid, do not use detergent. Wash with cold water, lightly rub, soak time should not be too long, 5-10 minutes can be.

2, silk dress do not put in the sun exposure, in a cool ventilated place to dry.

3, silk clothing in ironing attention to temperature, not too high, or easily lead to yellowing.

4, if wearing a silk dress, must pay special attention not to scratch, it is best not on the mat, board and rough items on the friction, so as not to lead to pick or break silk.

5, silk dresses must be washed before storage, not recommended to place mothballs, if you are afraid of the tide, can use charcoal and other moisture-proof items.

6, silk and Tussah garments to be stored separately, so as not to make the silk dress yellow. White silk clothing should be stored with a clean white paper wrapped to avoid yellowing.

I do not know that all the beautiful women after reading to find out if there is any help? silk and chiffon dresses on the one hand deeply loved, on the other hand, the care of more trouble, you beauty as long as the attention to detail processing can be.Read more at:bridesmaids dresses uk | blue bridesmaid dresses

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Kaseke made the offer before touching base with MTZ patron, Barbara Mzembi, as the pageant has got a water-tight selection criterion that all prospective beauty queens must satisfy before they can participate.

Kaseke made the pledge at the Miss Mt Pleasant beauty contest held at 7Arts in Harare, during which he also pledged a three-night trip to Victoria Falls for the winners.

The ZTA boss, however, admitted later during a Press conference that he may have jumped the gun.

“I have not got the chance to talk to the patron [Mzembi] about it. I will have the chance to talk to the patron about it and I will answer your question later,” he said.

Meanwhile, MTZ organisers have set December 9 as the date of the grand finale of the pageant with their anchor sponsor, Justice Maphosa, promising to bankroll the pageant.

Mzembi said 15 models are expected to battle it out for the crown, currently held by Ashley Morgan.

“Miss Tourism Zimbabwe 17 applications will be open from July 1 so we urge all the ladies to apply. We are going to conduct our scouting throughout the provinces in the month of September,” she said.

“All the girls who have the attitude we are looking at for they are well come to participate, but they have to apply. The applications are on our website, Facebook page and the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority city offices in every province.”

Mzembi said after September, they will conduct the auditions and then choose 15 girls across the country and they will go into the boot camp a few days before the grand finale.

Maphosa said he was prepared to host another successful pageant this year.

“We are back again to do what is important to prepare and hold once more another successful pageant in Miss Tourism Zimbabwe 2017 which is very important for us all as we raise awareness to the girl child, to assist and empower,” Maphosa said.Read more at:royal blue bridesmaid dresses | girls bridesmaid dresses

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When you consider the biggest trends, your favorite celebrity, or the greatest works of art, the common thread that connects them all is that they're largely inescapable. You see their image reproduced again and again, and begin to recognize them. Unwittingly, that recognition imprints them on our consciousness and societally, we accept them. Even if you felt entirely at odds with wearing white jeans, but then saw an image of a famous model online, or even a billboard, wearing white jeans, you might re-consider. Humans may be stubborn, but photographer Lissa Rivera says we're also highly adaptable, and of course, no one wants to be left behind.

Herein lies the genius of Rivera's work, which explores the way femininity been shaped through images using her gender-queer boyfriend, BJ Lillis, as her model. For her new series, Beautiful Boy, Rivera is art director, costume designer, make-up artist and photographer, traveling around the country with Lillis who dons womenswear and poses sensually in locations scouted by Rivera – from seedy motels to gaudy mansions. Rivera is determined for photos like these to move beyond anomaly, instead becoming so ubiquitous that audiences can't help but recognize and appreciate the beauty in gender-fluidity. We sat down with the couple to talk the dimensions of gender, the male muse and how photography informs society.

The whole progression of this project is fascinating, how did BJ become your muse?

Rivera: Well we were friends and I was at a turning point in my life where I didn't feel like I was fully expressing myself, I didn't feel like I was in the right place and able to be open with people. The whole time I was telling BJ about it and such a good listener. Then one day we were taking the subway home from a film screening and he told me he likes to wear women's clothing but he was working in a conservative office so he was struggling to find a place to express himself. BJ doesn't really like to rock the boat as well, he's very sensitive to other people. I thought that maybe we could do a little experiment together, then we ended up really connecting and falling in love.

We started out in my apartment, we were just using the kitchen and then buying all these discount fabrics and dragging them home. Then we started going on adventures. I would location scout and then we would take a trip. I would prepare like you prepared for a film you know, I would sketch out scenes and come up with costumes and coming up with the script. It's been a lot of fun, especially working with BJ on this. He would wear my clothes that look so much better on him. Like my swimsuit, I'm like, how can I wear that again?

What's your favorite type of clothing, BJ? What do you feel most comfortable in?

Lillis: In my life I wear pretty simple dresses, but depending on what I'm doing and where I'm going I'll move from more androgynous to more feminine.

When you say it's based on where you're going, does that mean sensitivity to a particular situation? Is it a self-preservation thing?

Rivera: You know, it's not that I'm a super feminine person and in my ideal world I'd be wearing pink sundresses all the time and I compromise. It's that I'm a genderfluid person and I want to present in a more androgynous or more feminine way.

What pronouns do you use?

Lillis: I use male pronouns, but female get thrown at me in public all the time and I'm fine with that. I thought about they/them but it's hard. Misgendering someone is a really serious thing, but for me as a genderqueer person, if I'm presenting in a more masculine way then I get being addressed with masculine pronouns. I don't feel like I have one gender identity, it's not fixed.

Gender and sex is confused all the time. What I love about this project is that it's not an expose, it's not "BJ's secret life." It's a fantasy world and BJ is the protagonist. That's what makes it so pure.

Rivera: Right, they're all based off how you construct your gender based on what you see, whether that be a beauty tutorial or a film or a fashion photograph. So a lot of this is looking at the DNA of femininity in America.

Is it confronting for you at all, BJ?

Lillis: Well the project was never about showing me...and I never wanted it to be about that. It's more focused on both of our relationships to femininity.

Rivera: I feel like we use fashion to time travel to understand the roots of femininity and how it felt in the past, as well as the roles women played. The pressure of it as well.

Are you making any kind of judgment regarding how constraining the standards of femininity can be?

Rivera: Not a judgment per se, we found pleasure in the beauty. Pleasure in the textures and the fabrics. We're exploring the ambiguity and the grey areas of the feminine roles. It's so great to be with someone who so loves being in the photos and working with me. There are so many men whose wives were their muses and many don't understand the importance of the muse. What I wanted to do was highlight that contribution.

It is seen as such a passive role, isn't it?

Rivera: Right, but BJ is always so present and so open. BJ enjoys his beauty and is open about that, but he will always try things other people might be afraid to do.

How collaborative is it in a directorial sense? How much creative input do you have, BJ?

Lillis: So it's a collaboration in the sense that we discuss a lot together as to what we're trying to do and accomplish and my role is bringing it to life as the muse. In terms of artistic decision-making, it's all Lissa. I have ideas sometimes and we can try them but they don't always work.

Rivera: I think I've always been addicted to photos, even the colors I use reference images from 30s or 40s, so everything is steeped in this obsession I have. So BJ it's like BJ is stepping into the past with me. The way something is photographed really changes how things are viewed in society.

They're all very nostalgic.

Rivera: Yeah, I'm really interested in those early days of Vogue – those vintage images that people re-do over and over again – and exploring how they've informed femininity.

Right, as is, why are we attracted to them?

Rivera: Exactly, and I love to look at my partner in this light. Most men are so afraid of being pretty.

Of course, they don't get to be vulnerable like this.

Rivera: I know, I'm hoping the attitudes are changing now.

How do you find your locations?

Rivera: I mean, we don't even like taking trips anymore unless we're planning to do a shoot. I will look at thousands of real estate listings and read Yelp reviews. The first time it was so scary, we just went outside in our neighborhood and we were like, "What if people notice!" But no one ever does.

Are there still times where you worry what people might think?

Rivera: I definitely get protective over BJ when we go out.

How much of your own wardrobe goes into it?

Rivera: Now we have a whole rack of clothes, but it used to be only my clothes earlier on – that was during the honeymoon stage of our relationship.

Exactly! You must look back at that and see every stage of your relationship documented.

Lillis: It's very sentimental.

Rivera: It's so sentimental, I look back like, "Baby BJ!"

I love how the whole series is really dissecting trends, instead on this like obsession with originality that so many artists have, you really pay homage to different artists and eras and styles.

Rivera: Oh yeah, I had this big obsession with Old Hollywood and Priscilla Presley. The idea of the surreal interiors of the 60s, I think you can still find it in California.

Is it intimidating for you both to have the series viewed publicly?

Lillis: For me the press is more intimidating than the gallery wall, because everything is on the Internet. It's really fun to have people see it.

Rivera: Through it I've connected with photographers all over the world and people that are like , "Oh my husband wears nail polish, or I'm a man and I wear dresses at home."

I think we're finally realizing that just because you enjoy crossdressing does not mean you are closeted transgender.

Rivera: I honestly think about in terms of the Mona Lisa. It was stolen in the early 1900s, and there weren't a lot of famous paintings, but because the image of it was repeated in papers over and over again, it became known through the process of reproduction. Now people take their own photos of it. Humans are so susceptible to repetition. Even fashion styles get introduced that are really unusual, but then people will see it and they'll start wearing it, because they see everyone wear it. So it's so important to put images like this out in the world and keep doing it, because when people see it presented in a positive light, the more they will feel comfortable with it. Seeing and assimilating.Read more at:long bridesmaid dresses | purple bridesmaid dresses

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Dion Lee opened Australia Fashion Week a few weeks ago right outside the Sydney Opera House, a feat no other designer can claim. It was a big moment for the designer, who introduced men’s wear there and came full circle as he had shown one of his first collections inside one of the venues there early on. Naturally there was a nautical spirit influenced by the location’s proximity to the sea.

Lee has become known for strong, sexy silhouettes. This collection was fluid, more relaxed and more sensual. Notable were his evening gowns in khaki, navy and red bonded satin that featured draped ribbons that wrapped and fell around the body. An asymmetric draped top cut with bonded satin stitched onto lace mesh had a similar feminine quality and appeared casual when styled with updated track pants with a wrapped front. Other nods to ath-leisure included vivid blue jersey dresses with perforated skirts that allowed the fabric to drop, and waterproof knit swimwear. Washi paper knitwear made to look like towels in primary colors bridged the ready-to-wear and swim divide.

Signature tailoring created parallels between the men’s and women’s silhouettes, like updated blazers for men with considered design details. He tacked utility details on the front of double-layer wool bomber jackets, coated cotton outerwear for the appearance of a raincoat and updated shirting with playfully pleated cuff details. Lee ended a walk-through, saying, “What I enjoy about men’s is it can be more restrained and more daywear.”

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